One of the benefits your Association provides are the scholarships available to eligible children commencing or completing their Secondary education. Applicants must be the children of a financial member; unfortunately due to financial constraints, grandchildren are not eligible for either scholarship at this time.
 The Victorian Branch Scholarship is currently $150:00 per year for the first two years of secondary school. Applications should be forwarded to the Secretary with proof of attendance by 28 February in the first year of qualification. A follow up application is required for the second year. You must have been a financial member of the RAACA for a minimum of five years to apply.
 The Brigadier F.B. Hinton, MC Scholarship which was a Federal Executive Scholarship is also administered by the Victorian Branch and currently provides $250:00 for each of the final two years of Secondary School. Application including proof of intent to complete years 11 and12 to our Secretary by 30 September in the applicant’s year 10.
 There are no scholastic results required, however proof of attendance must be provided on the relevant School’s letterhead paper. Applicants must be financial members. 


Two Arch Finlayson Memorial Scholarships have been awarded this year. In early January, young Thomas Bourke from Wodonga, who is currently undergoing a motor vehicle mechanics apprenticeship, was awarded the first scholarship for 2016. He was closely followed by 17 year old Rory Lennon Baines of Beechworth who is currently studying to be a butcher.
Arch Finlayson Memorial Scholarship Trustee Peter Branagan presented the 5th Arch Finlayson Memorial Scholarship to young Rory Baines of Beechworth, Victoria on Tuesday 23 February. Appropriately, the brief ceremony was conducted at the memorial for the 2/8th Armoured Regiment in the Army Tank Museum’s WWII Armoured Memorial. The 2/8th was Arch’s WWII unit. The memorial is lovingly maintained by his widow Mrs Joan Finlayson.
Young Thomas Bourke (pictured above) of Wodonga, received his Arch Finlayson Memorial Scholarship back in early January. Tom is currently training to be a motor mechanic.